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How Much Does Dollar General Pay?

How Much Does Dollar General Pay?

Dollar General might be a good place to start if you are looking for a part-time or full-time job. This article will discuss the salaries Dollar General pays its employees.

We will also discuss Dollar General’s benefits, such as vacation time and health insurance.

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How Much Does Dollar General Pay?

Dollar General pays its employees competitive wages. The company’s average hourly wage ranges from $8.20 per hour for cashiers to $11.05 per hour for assistant managers.

The company offers several benefits to its employees, including health insurance, vacation time, and 401(k) retirement savings plans.

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Does Dollar General Pay Weekly?

Dollar General pays its employees weekly. The company offers direct deposit or a debit card as payment options for its employees.

Employees can also choose to be paid by paper check. In addition, all employees have the right to request raises of up to 5 per cent each year.

The frequency of the increase depends on job performance. Dollar General is an equal-opportunity employer and offers promotions based on merit.

Does Dollar General Pay Biweekly?

Yes, Dollar General also pays its employees biweekly. The 15th and 30th of each month are the paydays for biweekly employees.

What Is The Hourly Wage At Dollar General?

The average hourly wage at Dollar General is $9.95, while most employees in the US make an average of $11.40 (this number varies by state).

The minimum hourly wage for sales associates and cashiers is $8.29. The highest-paying position at Dollar General is forklift operator, with an average salary of $17.62 per hour.

How Much Do Warehouse Workers Earn At Dollar General?

Warehouse workers at Dollar General earn an average of $9.03 per hour. However, this depends on your experience and the state you live in.

The minimum hourly wage is $8.75, increasing to $10.00 per hour with more experience.

The Warehouse Clerk position is fundamental in the company. Stock Clerks are responsible for restocking shelves and cleaning the store.

Only a little experience is required for this job, and one can advance to other positions within the company.

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How Much Do Cashiers Earn At Dollar General?

As we have already mentioned, cashiers at Dollar General earn an average of $8.20 per hour.

However, if you are an excellent employee, you can earn up to $8.79 per hour. If you work 40 hours a week, you will earn about $17,056 a year.

How much do Dollar General assistant managers earn?

On average, Dollar General assistant managers earn about $25,177 per year. Depending on experience and the state in which you live, this ranges from $23,000 to $28,000.

The assistant manager position is a management position that requires at least two years of retail experience.

Dollar General assistant managers supervise employees, manage shift schedules, and handle customer complaints. They must also perform various administrative duties, such as preparing reports.

What is the annual salary for a Manager at Dollar General?

The annual salary for managers at Dollar General is $34,787, while the national average yearly salary for this position is 22% higher at $42,580.

However, if you are a regional or district manager at the company, you can expect an average annual salary of $50,112 or $74,502.

How much does Dollar General pay its keyholders?

Dollar General keyholders earn an average hourly wage of $9.11 per hour. This means that if they work 40 hours per week, they earn approximately $18,948 per year.

The keyholder position is the highest level of management within the company. Keyholders are responsible for opening and closing the store, supervising employees and handling customer complaints.

Does Dollar General pay bonuses to employees?

Yes, Dollar General does offer bonuses to employees. The company has a program called TeamShare, a bonus program that rewards employees annually for meeting specific sales goals. The amount

of the compensation depends on the employee’s position and performance. For example, assistant managers can earn up to $750 annually, and stockers can earn up to $100.

Does Dollar General offer discounts to employees?

Yes, Dollar General offers discounts to employees. Employees can receive discounts of up to 30% on company-branded products. However, this benefit is only available once a week.

Do Dollar General Employees Receive Holiday Pay?

Yes, Dollar General employees receive holiday pay. This depends on your position within the company and the hours you work.

For your information, full-time employees receive paid time off for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.

What Other Benefits Does Dollar General Offer Its employees?

Dollar General offers several other benefits to its employees. These include:

  • Life insurance options.
  • Health insurance options: dental and vision plans and additional medical coverage such as accident and cancer.
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Parental leave
  • Financial wellness programs
  • Disease management and healthy lifestyle programs
  • Adoption assistance
  • Confidential workplace information

Does Dollar General Contribute To Employee Pensions?

Yes, Dollar General contributes to its employees’ pensions. The company offers its employees a 401(k) retirement savings plan.

The plan allows employees to accumulate a portion of their salary in a retirement account. The company matches a percentage of the amount contributed by the employee.

For example, if the employee contributes $100 to their 401(k) account, the company will match $25.

Is It Worth Becoming A Dollar General employee?

In short, it is worth becoming a Dollar General employee. The company offers good pay, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

If you are looking for a stable job with a good company, Dollar General is a good option. In addition, there are more than 16,000 Dollar General locations across America, so there is one near you too.


Dollar General is a great place to work if you are looking for competitive wages and benefits.

The company offers a variety of positions, from cashiers to assistant managers, and the average hourly wage is $9.95 per hour.

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